X-ray service

The X-ray service conducts qualified examinations of various organs and systems, makes it possible to diagnose diseases, determine the localization and volume of identified pathological changes, as well as their dynamics during treatment.

The department is equipped with a modern stationary device with a wide range of functions and an X-ray diagnostic mobile system that allows to examine the patient directly in the ward.

Researches is being conducted:

  • thoracic organs;
  • abdominal organs;
  • all parts of the spine;
  • upper and lower limbs;
  • joints;
  • air sinuses and skull bones.

Working hours of the department: Mon-Fri from 8.00 to 13.30

Address: 85 Volodymyrska St., Khmelnytsky

                3 Vyzvolyteliv Street, Ruzhychanka village, Khmelnytsky district

Phone number: (0382) 61-85-40 (reception)